Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little French Cat in Xel-Ha, Mexico

This is the Xel-Ha resort water park near Cancun, Mexico. They have some dolphins here and lots of fish to snorkel with, but the water isn't so clear so don't expect to see much. The staff didn't approve of my sunscreen saying that it was bad for the fishes and they offered to replace it/confiscate it. It felt like a scam, because they give you a sample packet which is only enough to cover your face and then they offer to sell you a whole bottle for more than $10 after they have taken away your only sunscreen. Also, they really like to push the all inclusive option which includes food and drinks(including cocktails), both of which are kind of mediocre. I didn't taste any alcohol in any of my cocktails which made sense considering they only put a couple of drops of alcohol into each drink.

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