Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little French Cat Gets an Apple iPhone 4

I'm a fan of nearly all things Apple and I can remember back when I was waiting on the line to pick up the original iPhone.  Three years later and I was back on line waiting to pick up my pre-order for the iPhone 4. Wow! I love this phone, the screen is absolutely incredible to look at and the A4 processor inside is super fast. The camera and HD video camera are excellent and the screen makes the photos and videos look even better.  I'm addicted to using this phone, I play games on it, read books and magazines using ibooks, browse the web and check emails, update facebook, listen to music and watch videos, find locations and directions using maps and gps, track my runs with runkeeper, send texts and pictures, and sometimes I even use it for phone calls.  The iphone 4 is a remarkable and beautiful phone, although the the only criticisms I have is that it's a bit slippery with all that pretty glass and metal and the glass enclased black phone can get incredibly hot in the sun very quickly.

Bravo, Apple for creating a masterpiece.

My iPhone 4

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