Monday, September 27, 2010

Little French Cat Goes to the Museum

 I just recently returned from a trip to New York City where I spent most of my day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.  I was surprised to see that there was a large nest built on top of the roof garden.  The sculpture is made of bamboo by artists Mike and Doug Starn and is available for tours where you can climb up and through to the top of the sculpture 50ft above the roof.
rooftop garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Someone built a giant bird nest on top of the museum
Me in front of the Museum with my pin


  1. what great photos! next time you are in town you must let us know! what were you up to in NYC other than going to the museum?!

  2. Usually I like to stop by the petco in union sq to visit the cats for adoption and I also like to wander around the village and soho. I have relatives in NYC and NJ so I'm normally back in town every couple of months.